TerrainView™ is the free (for non-profit use) 3D authoring tool of ViewTec to create interactive 3D scenes. TerrainView supports the most common 3D formats and provides unmatched features.


TerrainView Extensions

Upgrade the free TerrainView product online to the different professional extensions:



TerrainView-Globe™ extends TerrainView with unlimited GIS, multilayered elevation, vector and image data import based on Earth and offers ultra-fast and high resolution rendering for 3D GIS and visualization users.

TerrainView-Globe can access 2D and 3D maps, vector layers and points of interest, which are published on ViewTec's or on your private geodata servers.




The extension TerrainView-Remote Control™ offers an API to remotely manipulate points of interest and 3D objects of a 3D scene in real-time.





The extension TerrainView-CMAX™ consists in a high-end system for seamless multi-channel, multi-projections and visualizations on multiple screens and walls.





TerrainView-Video™ is the extension to produce videos in a resolution higher than 640x480 e.g. PAL, NTSC and HDTV.



TerrainView™ was developed using: OSG