3D models, 3D capability and functionality is key for ground troops, navy and air-force applications.

Defence units operating from the ground, the sea, the air or space need exact 3D representations of the area they want to investigate. Up-to-date 3D terrain models resulting from ortho-imagery, elevation data and 3D objects provide realistic field information.
Using global data coverage and 3D models in conjunction with new aircraft technology and simulators allow pilots to prepare and train in virtually flying over the area, where missions have to be carried out.
ViewTec provides network centric warfare technology. 3D terrain models integrating information from various data sources (e.g. GPS, UAVs and other air-, space-borne or ground-based data capture systems) allow real-time location and representation of dynamic objects inside the 3D terrain model. Computer-based control, command and communication centres are equipped with multi-channel, multi-screen technology provided by ViewTec, to observe battlefield situations in real-time day and night, to make decisions and plan actions.