For any project that requires detailed 3D terrain and land cover models, ViewTec has developed TerrainView with the unique capability to process inch/cm-resolution terrain models from raster imagery, elevation and vector data.

TerrainView can process massive geodata for homogenous 3D terrain coverage over the entire Globe in open formats.

The ViewTec software product TerrainView brings value to the Geodata Industry since it allows to process and visualize 3D terrains and 3D objects and models. Using 3D terrains together with 3D CAD and BIM models opens up new opportunities for industry horizontals and verticals, from software and data providers to different end-customers and markets, to use and apply the 3D models in their projects. ViewTec also provides 3D Imagery for the Geodata industry in promoting the ready-to-use, high-quality TerrainView-Data.