Oil & Gas

ViewTec provides the advanced 3D visualization product TerrainView for the Oil and Gas Industry to plan, design and monitor sites, infrastructure and pipeline networks.

ViewTec provides the technology to support Oil & Gas Industry projects worldwide with access to homogeneous basemap data of the entire Earth and let you import your georeferenced 3D BIM and CAD models in different formats. Complex 3D objects such as oil rigs, pipelines, refineries can be visualized with vast high resolution elevation, image and vector data.

TerrainView helps to minimize risks and errors which in turn positively impacts the oil and gas projects by reducing overall time and cost.

ViewTec further supports the Oil & Gas Industry in providing network centric security technology with TerrainView’s Remote Control capabilities to visualize the location and movement of critical information besides your assets e.g. oil rigs, harbours, pipeline networks, storage tanks, refineries. With the use of CMAX feature of TerrainView you can communicate critical real-time or emergency information to key stakeholders in a Cave or multi-screen environment.