Oil & Gas

ViewTec provides products and services for planning and designing sites, infrastructure and pipelines networks for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Building complex 3D terrains is a core competence of ViewTec. Detailed ground information, including mass points and break-lines are needed to represent and work with geological fractures and lineaments. Detailed data can be provided through airborne laser sensing technology (LIDAR). Besides modelling the terrain, ViewTec has the technology and know-how to model complex 3D objects such as oil rigs, pipelines, refineries and more.

ViewTec provides the technology to support Oil & Gas Industry projects worldwide and across adjacent countries. Homogeneous 3D terrain models are provided over the entire Globe at different levels of detail. Local projects are geo-reference to the Globe and can be accessed instantaneously using detailed ground level information such as spatial pipeline route coordinates.

ViewTec further supports the Oil & Gas Industry in providing network centric security technology to protect their assets (oil rigs, harbours, pipeline networks, storage tanks, refineries).