Urban Planning

ViewTec has strong experience in generating realistic 3D models, including 3D geodetic coordinates of mass-points, triangular irregular network models, textured 3D objects (e.g. buildings, street culture, trees, volumetric clouds) as well as raster ortho-imagery and annotations.

These high-resolution digital 3D terrain and object models can be used in urban planning, architecture and real estate. Architectural projects and master pieces can be put into evidence in representing the surrounding buildings as block models. The project itself can be modelled representing the exact building structure, including for example shadows, reflections of neighbouring buildings, transparency and fassade texture. The surrounding environment can be included, representing any type of 3D object like trees, public benches, street culture and more.

ViewTec’s 3D software allows simulation of pedestrians and their perception as they walk by or into a building. A 3D video animation can be produced along a predefined flight path around the building.