ViewTec offers a number of services and resources to assist you with our products.

This includes online documentation, product tutorials and an online community where you may ask questions, receive help, and exchange information on our product.

TerrainView is licensed annually.

TerrainView software is supported for a period of one year. This covers everything from basic type questions, to advanced analysis of specific technical problems.

Previous versions of the software cannot always be supported, but we will do our best to assist you though we may require that you upgrade to the current version.

Email Support: support @ viewtec . net

View the F.A.Q.

Please view the frequently asked questions page before you look any further.

View the TerrainView User’s Manual

TerrainView user’s manual to helping new TerrainView users get up to speed on how to use the TerrainView software.


Look here if you want to export your model from Autodesk 3D Studio