ViewTec launches new TerrainView-Data library for TerrainView 5.0

ViewTec presents a new consumer-oriented TerrainView-Data library which offers ready-to-use, high-quality Geodata and 3d Models for TerrainView. Besides of TerrainView – the Swiss Army knife for out-of-the-box 3D Earth visualization – TerrainView-Data provides basemap data and 3D models in different model collections e.g. Vegetation, Aircrafts, Buildings, Ships and Vehicles.

Lewes, DE (February 20, 2021) – After one year of invention, ViewTec, a software development company for interactive 3D Earth visualisation solutions, continues the momentum in 2021 with a user-friendly 3d data library for TerrainView 5.0. TerrainView has the capabilities to generate and processs vast 3D terrains from raw data from imagery, elevation and vector data but can also stream basemap data from different data vendors in open formats in very high visual quality and with a superior performance.

“The new TerrainView-Data library reflects our position in 3d Earth visualization and reinforces our dedication for providing the best user experience. By shifting the focus to our latest development of our upcoming core product TerrainView 5.0, this data library will give users a real benefit. At ViewTec we are convinced that with the new possibilities offered, we will generate unprecedented value for professionals, who depend on our technology.”

About ViewTec
ViewTec LLC is a software development company for interactive 3D Earth visualisation. ViewTec designs, develops, and distributes the TerrainView software package.
ViewTec’s TerrainView product is used worldwide by governments, defence and privately owned organizations. Commitment to quality, profound and strong software development skills build the basis for innovative and excellent products and services. Further information is available at